Planning a break?

As many of us are starting to think about summer holidays, perhaps you might find the post linked below helpful. There’s no doubt that travel can be a very stressful experience. Airports have reduced me to tears on more than one occasion and I like to think that we could have an easier time of it if a little more thought was put into planning for people with mental health difficulties.¬† Holidays are supposed to be enjoyable and the journey should be part of the fun, not an ordeal to be endured. Anyway – take a look and see what you think.

Mental health and travel

Making a change

This afterneve we’re having another another crafting session in the office. We’re preparing for our exhibition next month for Mental Health Awareness Week.

I have ideas. I have lots of ideas. What I don’t have is time to take them out of my brain and into reality. That’s often the way with creative pursuits. So ¬†many other things make demands on our time. Important things, time bound things and things that I know I really ought to do before embarking on any kind of craft.

Making things feels sort of indulgent, a wasteful use of my time. It feels like it isn’t important and I should find something more worthy to be doing. After all, what are the consequences if I don’t produce a set of cards or a wall hanging or a display interpreting the stigma of mental illness? Nothing of importance, right?

Actually there’s one big one. Stress. I’ve promised an exhibition and there WILL be an exhibition. The act of making things usually reduces my stress. Making things when up against a deadline is a whole different kettle of fish. Every minute spent not making things is another point on my stress graph.


Craft for me is usually one of my coping resources. It helps me feel calm, to reconnect with the real world, to touch things and find peace in the textures and colours. Now I need to craft in order to reduce the stress of not crafting. That hurts my brain.

Expect something whimsical and ridiculous tonight! I need to do something fun.